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How to choose a website editor

Are there any errors on your website? They can be easily found and corrected by a professional editor, but how can you find the right person for this position?

Requirements for a professional editor

Professional editor is a person who:

  • has philological education, preferably with a major in Publishing and Editing;
  • is fluent in the language of your website and knows specific features of various text genres (fictional, scientific, etc.);
  • has work experience in both editing and proofreading (pay attention to the responsibilities carried out by the editor: if s/he was responsible for semantic content and cooperation with authors, this doesn’t mean s/he can cope with proofreading);

has experience in print media — this is the best choice, but it’s really hard to find such an editor and his or her servicers are rather expensive.

How to choose a website editor
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In addition, a website editor should:

  • be an advanced PC user;
  • have the basic understanding of web-design;
  • be able to work with databases;
  • understand the principles of website promotion and search engine optimization.

Among editor’s personal qualities the most valuable are:

  • punctuality;
  • diligence;
  • attention to details;
  • self-discipline;
  • teamwork skills;
  • willingness to work with large amounts of information.

Where to find?

Since today the Internet is available for fast and effective searching, you can find a website editor using different online sources:

  • staff recruitment sites where resumes and vacancies are published (they have large databases but it’s hard to select the right person from such a big choice);
  • freelance marketplaces (they are similar to the previous source but focus on remote jobs);
  • content agencies that offer editing among other services (professionalism is guaranteed and you can get any services related to website texts in one place);
  • blogs and discussion forums on the particular topic (there you can get non-biased reviews about editors, but the choice is limited and you have to spend some time on searching for a reliable web-resource).

Also you can opt for one of the old ways of searching:

  • recruiting firms (unlike similar sites, they can save your time selecting job applicants, but they also require some investments);
  • recommendations of friends and colleagues (limited choice but reliable sources).
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